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Bike Fitting

Who Needs a BikeBike Fitting Fitting? Everyone.   

A proper bike fitting is a good investment in yourself. We are confident this can help you get the results you want. Call us to schedule a fitting: once we've set a time, bring your bike, shorts and shoes, and put aside a couple of hours and we'll have you sitting more comfortably and riding better than before. Road, triathlon, mountain fits, even hybrid fits -- we can help. Instead of sticking to formulas that only produce average fits based on average people -- we actually consider your history, goals, fitness and flexibility.   

Triathletes: Want to be Slowtwitch (F.I.S.T.) fit?  We are certified. Slowtwitch is widely regarded to be the gold standard for elite triathletes.

We're also Trek Precicsion Fit Certified -- trained by the best -- Paraic McGlynn and Michael Sylvester.  We use a high speed camera, lazers, saddle pressure and other cool stuff to help confirm the changes we make.


Road bike fitting: $150* 

Triathlon bike fitting: $250*

Saddle pressure mapping: $100*

*Plus 10% off any parts that we may need to change as part of a fitting.